Mechatronics, Robotics & Automation


Society is getting more dependent on technology and most of the things we use everyday make use of mechanical and electrical/ electronic parts that integrate a number of technologies. This development is rapidly increasing the need for engineers who are knowledgeable in these wide ranging areas so that the products required can be designed and manufactured.

Sophisticated methods need to be adopted for this because many are no longer capable of being designed or created by hand.The MRA cluster includes the Mechatronics and Industrial Automation majors that bring together the many disciplines needed to design and operate the industrial processes and products that we rely on.


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours


Two distinct majors are offered within MRA
Deals with the blend of mechanical, electrical/ electronic and computing skills needed to design consumer products like smart vacuum cleaners, cameras, iPods, or grass mowing robots.

Industrial Automation
Deals with mechanical, electrical / electronic and chemical systems, and how to automate them using robots, controllers, sensors and actuators.

Career Opportunities

Mechatronics and Industrial Automation graduates will find positions in almost any industry where they will be essential for performing tasks as diverse as product development, design of products and systems, installation of automated systems and management of automated processes. They will have titles such as product design engineer, automation engineer, control systems engineer, research and development engineer and process engineer. Due to the multi-disciplinary and wide ranging nature of their expertise, it is anticipated that MRA graduates will rapidly make their mark and progress to jobs with much greater responsibilities and increasing management content.


Introducing Alistair Scarfe

Wading through lessons in calculus and physics at school didn’t really have any significance to Alistair Scarfe until he began his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Massey University.

While exploring the world of Mechatronics as a first year Massey student, calculus and physics provided him with the science background necessary for the degree.

“There is a very symbiotic relationship between electronics and engineering, and although I didn’t appreciate their importance as a kid, I’m really enjoying them now,” says Alistair.

Mechatronics has set Alistair on a creative and rewarding path for life.

He says the Bachelor of Engineering degree is a building block, something that tells employers “I am confident, I’m intelligent and I can develop things and make them happen.”

Of his early years as a student, Alistair says he really appreciates the firm friends he made in his first year at the Massey hostel. “Even if my folks had been living in Palmerston North, the hostel was an invaluable experience and I’m still best mates with the guys I met there.”

Now as a Massey University post-graduate student, Alistair has moved into Industrial Automation involving robust robotics that under US standards, must run for seven years without failure Industrial automation is about designing intuitive, intelligent systems, often big heavy machines designed to perform at peak efficiency in evolving industries.

As a Post-graduate student Alistair joined forces and formed a company called Southern Cross Robotics with Garth Atkinson and  Dr Rory Flemmer, to develop his PHD a fully robotic Kiwi fruit-picking machine potentially worth millions on the international market.


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